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Classic Antarctica - including Deception Island

A classic trip to the White Continent
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With a variety of ships and multiple departure dates to choose from throughout the season, this well priced voyage is a great option. For those looking for more adventure, optional kayaking or camping is available and highly recommended by previous customers.


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5 full days in Antarctica - 10 planned excursions off the ship 

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Wide selection of voyages to choose from

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Kayaking & camping activities available. Diving also available on limited departures (additional cost for each)

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Complimentary snowshoeing on early season departures when conditions allow


Day 1 - The start of our journey:

Your voyage begins where the world ends: in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city on the planet, at the far southern tip of South America. From this small resort town in Tierra del Fuego, also known as ‘The End of the World’, we set sail along the mountain-fringed Beagle Channel.

Days 2 and 3 - In the path of the polar explorers:

Like the great polar explorers who first charted these regions, we will enjoy the rolling seas and cool salt breezes of the Drake Passage, we may even see a fin whale spouting sea spray along the way.

We will pass the Antarctic Convergence – Antarctica’s natural boundary, where north-flowing cold waters collide with the warmer sub-Antarctic seas.  With the change in temperature, both the marine and bird life will change too. Amongst others, you can expect to see wandering albatrosses, black-browed albatrosses, grey-headed albatrosses, light-mantled sooty albatrosses, southern fulmars, cape pigeons, Wilson’s storm petrels, Antarctic petrels and blue petrels.

Days 4 to 7 - Entering the Antarctic:

As we enter the White Continent, we will pass grey stone peaks dusted with snow, towers of ice in all shades of blue and white, and an abundance of wildlife both above and below the surface. Sailing between the Brabant and Anvers islands, we will pass the snow-capped Melchior Islands and the Schollaert Channel

Other sites we may visit include:

Danco Island - expect to find gentoo penguins nesting on the island, and Weddell and crabeater seals nearby.

Neko Harbour – with an epic landscape of glaciers and wind-carved snow, Neko Harbour offers the chance to take a Zodiac cruise and land on shore to enjoy views of the surrounding alpine peaks.

Paradise Bay – if the conditions are right, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter humpback and minke whales during a cruise in the ice-flecked waters of the bay.

Port Lockroy – We reach the former British research station of Port Lockroy by sailing through the Neumayer Channel. Now the station serves as a museum and post office, on Goudier Island. You may also be able to meet gentoo penguins and blue-eyed shags on nearby Jougla Point. There are great opportunities to both kayak and camp here, and when the conditions are right, you can snowshoe around the shore.

Day 8 - South Shetland:

Windswept and often cloaked in mist, the volcanic islands of the South Shetlands, offer more subtle Antarctic pleasures. There’s a wide variety of lichens, mosses and flowering grasses to discover and a wide variety of wildlife such as gentoo and chinstrap penguins and southern giant petrels to enjoy. At Deception Island, the ship plunges into the flooded caldera through Neptune’s Bellows and you’ll find an abandoned whaling station, and hot springs here. There’s even more wildlife too: thousands of cape petrels,brown and south polar skuas, kelp gulls and Antarctic terns. This fascinating and desolate volcanic landscape offers the perfect backdrop for a good hike. Alternatively, you might like to take part in wildlife watching around Half Moon Island, where chinstrap penguins and Weddell seals often haul out onto the beach near Cámara Base (an Argentine scientific research station). Conditions on the Drake Passage will determine the exact time of our departure.

Days 9 and 10 - Returning to familiar seas:

The return to Ushuaia will be far from lonely. Returning by the Drake Passage, we will be greeted again by the vast array of seabirds that we saw on the way out; you will all just be a little more familiar with one another!

Day 11 - Disembarking in Ushuaia:

It’s time to disembark in Ushuaia, and our adventure may have come to an end but you’re sure to have incredible memories that will accompany you wherever you go to next.

Please note: This itinerary is for guidance only and programmes may be required to vary depending on local weather, ice and wildlife conditions. Your expedition leader will determine a final itinerary and flexibility is vital for all expedition cruises.


All excursions are included in price unless stated as 'optional'

What's Included?


  • Voyage aboard the vessel as indicated in the itinerary
  • Accommodation and meals during the voyage 
  • All shore excursions and zodiac activities
  • Educational lectures by expert onboard polar guides
  • Access to an onboard doctor and basic medical services
  • Loan of rubber boots for the voyage's duration
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  • Port taxes & any entry fees to landing sites


  • Flights to and from points of embarkation/disembarkation
  • Any additional pre/post land services, including meals
  • Transfers not specified in the itinerary
  • Optional adventure activities (e.g. kayaking and camping)
  • Visa, passport and any vaccination expenses
  • Airport arrival or departure taxes
  • Personal Travel insurance
  • Items of a personal nature - laundry, beverages, etc
  • Customary staff gratuity at the end of the voyage
  • Additional onboard purchases (i.e. gift shop)

176 Capacity Classic Vessel (USD)

Trip start and end date Quad Triple Twin Porthole Twin Window Twin Deluxe Superior Junior Suite Grand Suite Hondius Suite Notes
Dec 2 2019 - Dec 11 2019 $5,350pp $6,050pp $6,600pp $6,850pp $7,350pp $7,900pp $8,450pp $9,700pp $11,150pp
Limited Availability
Dec 11 2019 - Dec 20 2019 $5,350pp $6,050pp $6,600pp $6,850pp $7,350pp $7,900pp $8,450pp $9,700pp $11,150pp
Limited Availability
Dec 20 2019 - Dec 29 2019 $5,900pp $6,700pp $7,300pp $7,550pp $8,050pp $8,700pp $9,300pp $10,700pp $12,300pp
Limited Availability
Dec 29 2019 - Jan 7 2020 $5,900pp $6,700pp $7,300pp $7,550pp $8,050pp $8,700pp $9,300pp $10,700pp $12,300pp
Limited Availability
Jan 7 2020 - Jan 17 2020 $6,550pp $7,400pp $8,100pp $8,400pp $8,950pp $9,650pp $10,300pp $11,850pp $13,650pp
Feb 5 2020 - Feb 15 2020 $6,550pp $7,400pp $8,100pp $8,400pp $8,950pp $9,650pp $10,300pp $11,850pp $13,650pp
Feb 15 2020 - Feb 24 2020 $5,900pp $6,700pp $7,300pp $7,550pp $8,050pp $8,700pp $9,300pp $10,700pp $12,300pp
Nov 21 2020 - Dec 2 2020 $6,800pp $7,700pp $8,400pp $8,750pp $9,300pp $9,950pp $10,650pp $12,250pp $14,100pp
Dec 11 2020 - Dec 20 2020 $5,550pp $6,300pp $6,850pp $7,150pp $7,650pp $8,200pp $8,800pp $9,950pp $11,600pp
Dec 20 2020 - Dec 29 2020 $6,150pp $6,950pp $7,600pp $7,900pp $8,350pp $8,950pp $9,600pp $11,100pp $12,800pp
Dec 29 2020 - Jan 7 2021 $6,150pp $6,950pp $7,600pp $7,900pp $8,350pp $8,950pp $9,600pp $11,100pp $12,800pp
Jan 7 2021 - Jan 16 2021 $6,150pp $6,950pp $7,600pp $7,900pp $8,350pp $8,950pp $9,600pp $11,100pp $12,800pp
Jan 16 2021 - Jan 26 2021 $6,800pp $7,700pp $8,400pp $8,750pp $9,300pp $9,950pp $10,650pp $12,250pp $14,100pp
Jan 26 2021 - Feb 5 2021 $6,800pp $7,700pp $8,400pp $8,750pp $9,300pp $9,950pp $10,650pp $12,250pp $14,100pp

114 Capacity Classic Vessel (USD)

Trip start and end date Quad Triple Twin Porthole Twin Window Twin Deluxe Superior Notes
Jan 9 2020 - Jan 19 2020 $6,550pp $7,400pp $8,100pp $8,400pp $8,950pp $9,650pp
Limited Availability
Jan 7 2021 - Jan 17 2021 $6,800pp $7,200pp $8,400pp $8,750pp $9,300pp $9,950pp
Triple Cabins Sold Out
Feb 4 2021 - Feb 14 2021 $6,800pp $7,200pp $8,400pp $8,750pp $9,300pp $9,950pp
Triple Cabins Sold Out

120 Capacity Classic Vessel (USD)

Trip start and end date Quad Triple Twin Porthole Twin Window Twin Deluxe Superior Notes
Jan 3 2021 - Jan 13 2021 $6,800pp $7,200pp $8,400pp $8,750pp $9,300pp $9,950pp
Triple Cabins Sold Out

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