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Polar Navigator is a collaboration between a team of polar experts with dozens of collective years working in polar tourism, and a highly innovative digital team that are enabling travel companies large and small to help people find extraordinary experiences across the globe.

We believe in choice and giving you all of the details you need to find the perfect voyage, ship and cabin for your polar adventure.

We work with 15 ship operators so you don’t need to look anywhere else.



Why book with us?

How to book your Antarctic Cruise

  1. Choose from 51 different itineraries
  2. Select your preferred date and cabin
  3. Speak to the ship operator to answer your questions and hold a cabin
  4. Or schedule a call with an impartial expert

3 reasons to book with us

  1. Compare ALL the cruise options in one place
  2. Book direct with the ship operator
  3. Impartial advice from Polar experts

You’re in control

  1. With so much choice Polar Navigator helps you make that choice
  2. You’re independent and well travelled you just want to book direct
  3. No fees, they pay us a commission